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Your style, your story, your vision.

When you begin your wedding planning process you have a great blank canvas for customization & personilization. We love helping our bride's and groom's paint this canvas to make their weddings reflective of their story, their style and their vision - whether its through the little touches or the statement elements.

Here are a few fun ways in which we have helped some of couple's share their stories through their decor.

1. For one our favorite weddings, the couple chose a quirky logo that was reflective of their vivacious personalities. This logo turned into a motif that was displayed through the wedding cards, the photo-props, cupcakes, the wedding napkins and the decor too. We worked on having the lips and mustache motif incorporated in some form at every event - for some more subtly and for some as an overt statement.

For their reception which was designed to reflect the bride's vision of a "Red Tie Affair" - (quirky meets classic), we custom created acrylic pieces of the lips and mustache and strung them through red lamps which we then hung in various areas of the venue. It wasn't just pretty decor but pretty decor that reflected the couple's style. What's also awesome about all of this is, even four years later, many guests go "Oh we love how Freya & Vishal had the lips and mustache logo!" - they still remember because it was customized to convey their style.

2. In another enchanting outdoor wedding ceremony, we took the bride's favorite quotes and infused them into the decor. As the guests walked into the venue to find their seats, they would walk through rustic wooden barrels laden with floral work with wooden boards leaning against them which stated the quotes the bride had mentioned she loved - a subtle personal touch.

3. At the same wedding, the groom's slogan was also incorporated into the Cocktail night decor. The quote is the slogan for his restaurant which, it just so happens, reiterates exactly what a wedding should be about! It only made sense that it became the slogan for the wedding and was stated bold and clear at the entrance of the first event - also a perfect photo-spot for all the guests.

4. Then there was a the bride from Curaçao who wanted a flavor of her home-country reflected through her decor - for all her guests and friends who hadn't visited her there. The alfresco welcome dinner was conceptualized & designed with many clusters of hanging coconuts and birds amongst the many tropical elements.

5. A bar is always a focal point. Adding a personalized element near it or behind it is a great way to make sure these details aren't missed. At this neon-esque Cocktails & Sangeet, we designed the bar backdrop to capture a whole bunch of song lyrics, some of which were from movies which the director bride herself had been a part of creating!

How are you planning to paint your blank canvas?

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