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When Enhancement is the Key.

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

As much as we love the dramatic and wild transformation of spaces, when working with venues which have a limited expanse or an overwhelming innate appeal, we take a different approach. Here are a few ways in which we worked with what we got & enhancement was the key.

1. Working with Water

Waterbodies are amongst our favorite features to work with, especially when they are nestled in nature & greenery. Sehar & Husnell's wedding ceremony was designed on a waterbody and under a banyan tree. The pastel shades in combination with nature's hues of greens and blue, contributed to the sanctimony of an early morning ceremony. The minimalistic design along with the finesse & floral detailing highlighted the surroundings, enhancing the space instead of overpowering it.

1. Dressing the Existing

Some kinds of enhancements can turn into a full transformation, like the time we designed Shreya & Arpit’s Varmala exchange ceremony. Set atop a flight of stairs at the venue, we covered the bannister with fresh roses, hydrangeas, lilies, peonies & baby's breath. We dressed an existing structure to soften & enhance it and it resulted in a space suited for a fairytale.

3. Earthy & Au Naturel

The millennial bride doesn't always want to be placed on a pedestal. Anandita had an earthy vision for her beach wedding, revolving around the natural beauty of the venue. To align with this, we designed a rustic wedding ceremony sans a stage to keep the natural appeal intact and to make the ceremony feel more intimate & inclusive to her 300 guests. The minimalistic structure was a window to the blue hues of the sky & the rouge colors requited with a certain richness.

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